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External training

Sana has breathed new life into our entire e-learning experience. It has boosted partner engagement, helping us accelerate their competence level and focus on Piab.”

Emmelie Thuresson, Group Communication Manager at Piab

Be the ultimate business partner. Customers and partners succeed for the long-term on Sana.

Why educate when you can empower. Sana’s end-to-end-learning platform turns static external training into a dynamic, supportive experience at scale.

  • Do your brand justice
  • Drive more engagement
  • Maximize program ROI

Immersive experiences.
Under one roof.

External training is more than a course in Sana. You can create, host, and manage programs that blend solo study with live, collaborative sessions. Whatever experience you want to provide, you can bring it to life in one platform.

Custom branding.

From customizable certifications and email reminders to UI colors and typeface, Sana has the tools you need to immerse learners into your world and provide a cohesive brand experience.

Best-in-class content.
Made in minutes.

Scale content creation beyond L&D. Sana’s collaborative editor has customizable templates and powerful AI tools to help SMEs create on-brand content in record time—with flexible permissions to ensure quality.

Certification programs.

There are plenty of ways to make external assignments fun in Sana—from mandatory exercises with video submissions to timed assessments. Combine with interactive elements like quizzes, 视频, and flip cards, and watch the engagement rates rise.

24/7 knowledge.

Put a product expert at everyone’s fingertips. Sana’s AI-powered neural search empowers external learners to self serve by answering questions in natural language and sourcing the most relevant courses and live session content.

Live cohort sessions.

Take advantage of Sana’s built-in virtual classroom and supercharge your instructor-led trainings. Interactive features like polls, quizzes, and stickynotes make sessions more engaging. AI improves recall by transcribing and summarizing discussion points.

Automated academies.
Minimized overhead.

Put the external admin on autopilot. With Sana’s CRM system integrations and flexible user provisioning, you can set up automatic user enrollment, notification reminders, certifications, and even in-person session scheduling.

Personalized onboarding.
Faster ramp time.

Sana accelerates external training by tailoring courses to each individual—skipping learners past what they already know and targeting knowledge gaps with quizzes and personalized content recommendations.

Actionable analytics.
Smarter decisions.

External training should lead to business results. In Sana, you can easily create the dashboards you need to track progress and performance. Stay one step ahead by triggering training automatically based on real-time CRM data.

Enterprise ready.

ISO 27001 certified. SOC 2 and GDPR compliant. Data encrypted at rest with AES 256 and in transit with TLS 1.2+.

“Sana is diversifying our offering and increasing revenue.”


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Integrate your way to more revenue

Scaling external training doesn’t have to be stressful. Sana integrates with your existing tech stack so your programs, training reminders, and reporting run on autopilot.

End-to-end e-commerce

Streamline how customers browse and pay for trainings. Sana integrates with your existing payment processor and connects to your content marketplace.


Release courses to customers in real-time once you’ve processed their payment.

Course browsing

Synchronize courses with your marketplace so your customer browse with ease.

Made for more than external training

Sana isn’t just for customer and partner training. It’s the one home for all your company’s learning and knowledge sharing—from compliance training and employee onboarding to sales enablement and beyond.

Collaborative authoring

Create self-paced courses and live group sessions. 在一起.

Automated LMS

Manage, analyze, and scale all your learning initiatives. With automations.

Virtual classroom

Host interactive training sessions. Without switching tabs.

Integrated LXP

Upskill your learners with multiple content providers. Under one roof.

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